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People who don't collect records tend to find it odd that we talk about hard to find records. They go into junk shops and charity shops and they see piles of vinyl records and assume that they're everywhere. They don't undrestand that the 200 scratched copies of Tears by Ken Dodd or the millions of Tijuana Brass albums are not what most record collectors are intrested in. Where are all the Beatles demos and acetates when you need them?

In actual fact, the term hard to find records could be used to describe most original first pressings of singles or albums from the 1950's onwards (with a few exceptions, such as that Ken Dodd mega-hit from 1965!) Those of us who collect rare vinyl records will know only too well that you could trawl through a thousand charity shops and you would be unlikely to find an original Red label Decca album by The Rolling Stones, let alone a gold stereo Parlophone original of Please Please me by the Beatles! Now, I won't deny enjoying the thrill of the chase, and there is nothing more exciting than finding what looks like it might be a warehouse stuffed full of old northern soul records that nobody seems to care about - but that really doesn't happen very often and when it does, again, the chances are that you'll find that you've stumbled upon a mass collection of junk from 200 charity shops, rather than a stash of genuinely hard to find records that you would want to buy.

Other popular recording artists include Elvis Presley, Morrissey and The Smiths and The Jam.

Quickly find the real hard to find vinyl records

What Record Auction does is give you one click access to a selection of carefully chosen auction listings for your favorite artist or music genre so you have a great chance of spotting the big rarities in seconds because most of us are interested in finding the hard to find records - the ones that rarely come up for sale.

By checking the various artist or music genre pages you will quickly see the sort of quality of rare vinyl that are for sale right now. We make it easy to find the rarest records for sale. Check the Beatles page and you'll probably find original red and white Parlophone demos. Rare 45s that you're never going to come across at the local car boot sale!

What is my vinyl record worth?

We are asked this frequently. Lots of vinyl records are valuable and worth money, some a lot of money. However, most records aren't actually worth very much money (which doesn't mean the music can't be brilliant on them, of course it can). To find out if your record is valuable try searching for it to see other copies for sale.

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