Don’t call them VINYLS!


I think it's great that there is a whole new generation of people - including teenagers and young people who are collecting and buying records. I hope it isn't just a trendy thing, and that they keep hold of their record collections for as long as they can find the space for them. But there is one burning question. What do you call a shiny circular plasticky thing that you put on a turntable and drop a needle on in order to create some kind of (hopefully reasonably pleasant to the listener) noise?

OK so I'm a relatively old-timer, but I can answer it for you. They are called RECORDS (or you can call them singles, 7"ers or 45s if they are little ones, or EPs or extended plays if they play 4 tracks or more, or albums or LPs (long players) if they are 10" or 12" collections of numerous tracks).

I can also tell you what they are NOT called. They are NOT called VINYLS! Records might be made of vinyl, or they might be made of shellac if they are 78rpms from the 1950's or earlier, or if they are American 45's, they might be made of styrene which is a hard brittle plastic. Whatever they are made from, they are called RECORDS! Please don't call them vinyls. Your records can hear you and they cry when that terminology is used. Make them happy and use the proper terminology. Don't call them VINYLS!

Remember, RECORDS are not VINYLS - EVER!

Thank you for listening and reading and whatever you choose to call them, enjoy your vinyl records.....!

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